One of the best universities in Europe is Radboud University. Students looking for admission to master’s programs have a progressive opportunity with the Radboud University scholarship for foreign students in the Netherlands. All international students studying outside the European Union are entitled to apply.

Applications are encouraged from students who desire to pursue their master’s degree program. The Scholarship is open to students of any nationality and from any area of the world. The master’s scholarship program at Radboud University is designed to entice intelligent, highly motivated, non-EEA students with stellar academic records to apply for the Scholarship.

Every academic discipline is taught in English. Every Study Field is Open for the Master Degree Program in the fields of Science, Social Science, Arts, Medical, Law, etc. University is providing 12 Full Scholarships and 25 Partial Scholarships every year. The scholarship will fund all the expense to study abroad.


Details of Radboud University Scholarship for International Students

Course level: Master’s Degree Program

Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded

Eligible nationality: International

Award country: Netherland


Benefits of the Radboud University Scholarship in the Netherlands

International Students at Radboud University in the Netherlands can apply for Fully Funded and Partial Funded Scholarships. Below are the details for each scholarship:

100% funded: In Europe, students who are awarded full scholarships are exempt from paying any tuition fees up to the amount of €16,000 in full.

In part-funded: The tuition cost for students who will be getting a partially supported scholarship will be reduced, and they will only be required to pay €2,168 in tuition.

The following will also be covered by both scholarships:

  • Visa expenses will be paid.
  • The cost of a residency permit will be covered.
  • health insurance
  • Liability Insurance (Insurance Passport for Students (IPS)).

Radboud University Scholarship Requirements

  • Candidate passports must not be from the EU or EEA.
  • Candidates must not qualify for the reduced EEA tuition rate.
  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher learning outside of the Netherlands.
  • Candidates cannot have received any prior education in the Netherlands.
  • The applicant must fulfill the master’s program’s requirement for English language proficiency.
  • Candidates need to be admitted fully to the master’s program beginning on September 1, 2023.
  • Candidates must be able to meet the requirements for getting a visa to the Netherlands.
  • Candidates must sign up for the relevant Program as full-time students.


How to Submit Radboud University Scholarship Application

To apply, candidates must do so online.

  • The applicants must access “study programmers” and select the “add new enrolment application” category.
  • Choose Radboud University as your place of study.
  • Choose “Masters” as the program type you want to enroll in.
  • Make sure you have registered for the academic year 2022 and that you have chosen the premaster category.
  • The digital questionnaire must be finished by applicants.
  • The To Do list must be followed and finished by applicants.
  • Candidates will receive the student card and documentation of their enrollment after submitting their applications in full.

Documents Required for the Radboud University Scholarship

  • Academic records.
  • Passport information.
  • Comprehensive CV or resume.
  • Motivational letter
  • Two reference letters.

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